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Bhubaneswar: Complete Lockdown in West Bengal on 25th & 29th July, 2020.Train Services to be Cancelled/Partially Cancelled and Stoppages withdrawn in West Bengal jurisdiction as per following:
A. 02201/02202 Sealdah (Kolkata)-Bhubaneswar-Sealdah Duronto Special from Sealdah on 27th July and from Bhubaneswar on 28th July, 2020 will remain cancelled.
B. 02074/02073 Bhubaneswar-Howrah-Bhubaneswar Special on 25th & 29th July, 2020 from both the directions will remain cancelled.
C. 02246/02245 Yesvantpur-Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Special from Yesvantpur on 28th July and from Howrah on 29th July, 2020 will remain cancelled. PARTIAL CANCELLATION(SHORT TERMINATION/ORIGINATION) OF TRAINS:
A. 02703/02704 Howrah-Secunderabad-Howrah Special will remain cancelled between Bhubaneswar & Howrah on 29th July, 2020:
i. 02704 Secunderabad-Howrah Special from Secunderabad on 28th July, 2020 will run up to Bhubaneswar and will remain cancelled from Bhubaneswar to Howrah.
ii. 02703 Howrah-Secunderabad Special from Howrah on 29th July, 2020 will be cancelled between Howrah & Bhubaneswar and will originate from Bhubaneswar instead of Howrah towards Secunderabad.
STOPPAGE OF TRAINS WITHDRAWN on 29th July A. Stoppage for 02801/02802 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Special at Purulia Jn. on 29th July, 2020 has been withdrawn.
B. Stoppage for 02823/02824 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi AC Special at Hijli on 29th July, 2020 has been withdrawnPassengers of above trains should note this and are advised to be prepared accordingly…

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